25 Creative Ways To Re-Use Your Keurig K-Cups


Keurig Cups are great, but what happens when you no longer have use for them? Recycling seems like the ethical solution, but what about something more practical and with immediate results? We have just the thing for the times when you are left with a bunch of Keurig K-Cups. Like a collection of 25 projects you can reuse the cups into something useful in the home, at parties, in the classroom, or in the garden. Just look at the bunch of wonderful ideas you can use, like the awesome card-holder for a fun card games. The cups can be perfect for seed-starters. Christmas bells and decorations are also so easy to make from K-cups you used for a cup of coffee. Whatever project you choose for repurposing some Keurig cups, make sure you don’t waste these things and use them purposefully in your home or garden. Don’t forget to share the collection with your friends so they can enjoy the benefits of not throwing K-cups away but reusing them.

Find all 25 ideas here… Happy Hooligans – 25 Creative Ways To Re-Use Your Keurig K-Cups

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