23 Incredibly Helpful Diagrams For Moms-To-Be

16. The Baby Boom: Your Newborn Survival Kit (Infographic)


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17. The 5 Stages of Teething, An Illustrated Guide


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19. What to feed your baby at different ages:

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20. Weaning chart

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21. How Much Sleep Do Children Need?

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22. Strategies Assisting You With Sleep Training Your Baby (Infographic)


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23.  Milestones Matter, Early Childhood Development

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3 Responses to "23 Incredibly Helpful Diagrams For Moms-To-Be"

  1. Corrine says:

    The formula feeding chart is silly, as is the nine bottles pack from the basics for baby one. Have you heard of breastfeeding? Not one thing in your charts hints that you ever did. Except the teething one, but the information is ignored because of duh, teething.

    • Sunny says:

      Shame on you for being so narrow minded. Not everyone has the luxury of breast feeding and for those that do not that chart is helpful. Also fo new moms that are new to breast feeding AND pumping this helps her and those that assist her (new dads) to know what is the norm. As one cannot always tell what is being consumed when breast feeding alone.

  2. Julio Guedry says:

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