23 Incredibly Helpful Diagrams For Moms-To-Be

If you are a mom to be, first of all congratulations as this will be the most beautiful period of your life. Second of all, once the baby is born you will need to organize your time efficiently in order to keep track of everything and to care for your child. A newborn comes with a lot of responsibility and also with a lot of patience, so you are probably going to need some help. To make your life easier and to make parenting a beautiful experience, here are some great diagrams that can help you accomplish this. For example, display a diagram on the wall that reminds you of how important is to make a few exercises during pregnancy. It is also important to have a right posture, while pregnant so use this chart to remind you of that. Diagrams-For-Moms

When the baby is coming, you will need to have a hospital bag prepared and this next chart will serve as a guide so you can organize your bag in time, before the baby comes. It is important to eat healthy while breast feeding as this will benefit your baby too. Follow this diagram and try to eat lots of healthy and nutritive foods. When travelling with a car, your baby needs to be kept safe, so you will be needing a car seat. This next diagram shows how to place your baby in the seat and how to keep him/her safe while in the car. Take a look below for more useful diagrams and print the ones that are the most helpful.

1. The ultimate guide for exercising during the third trimester of pregnancy

Diagrams-For-Moms-1via treadmillreviewguru

2. Practice your posture.

Diagrams-For-Moms-2via pinterest.com

3. Hospital bag .. for mom..

Diagrams-For-Moms-3via: pinkpistachio

4. Baby on a Budget – The Barest Bare Essentials

Diagrams-For-Moms-4via: pregnantchicken

5. Learn how to swaddle the babe.


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3 Responses to "23 Incredibly Helpful Diagrams For Moms-To-Be"

  1. Corrine says:

    The formula feeding chart is silly, as is the nine bottles pack from the basics for baby one. Have you heard of breastfeeding? Not one thing in your charts hints that you ever did. Except the teething one, but the information is ignored because of duh, teething.

    • Sunny says:

      Shame on you for being so narrow minded. Not everyone has the luxury of breast feeding and for those that do not that chart is helpful. Also fo new moms that are new to breast feeding AND pumping this helps her and those that assist her (new dads) to know what is the norm. As one cannot always tell what is being consumed when breast feeding alone.

  2. Julio Guedry says:

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