23 Copycat Fast Food Recipes

Eating in fast foods can be bad for your health and for your wallet too. How about making your favorite fast food meals at home? This way you can be sure that all the ingredients are natural and chemical free and come from a safe environment. You can also teach your children to eat healthy and but also consume food that can be attractive to them. Do you know those delicious spinach wraps from Starbucks? You can make them at home by adding feta, spinach and veggies to a tortilla. If you like sweets more, then don’t go and eat donuts wherever you see them, better make them at home using natural ingredients.


You can also make a healthy hamburger with egg white as it is a perfect breakfast meal. Another great breakfast recipe is the fruit and maple oatmeal mixture. Just place it in a jar and you can take it with you to work too. Make some French toast sticks for breakfast, but don’t use oil for the recipe. You can easily make some chicken nuggets at home and you’ll know exactly what part of the chicken you’ve used to make this meal. If you are craving a pizza, but don’t want to wait ages for it to be ready, make a pizza at home. It is easy, quick and delicious. Make yourself a nice and healthy burger, and try to avoid using a lot of oil and sauces. Bake a tasteful crunch wrap with ingredients you already have at home. It will be fresh, not like those refrigerated ones from fast food chains. If you want something light which tastes great, make a chicken bowl and add fresh vegetables to it. For other great home made fast food recipes, take a look at the images below and start making your favorite today.


1. Homemade Starbucks Spinach Feta Wrap

copycat-recipes-1 Full recipe here.

2. Homemade Krispy Kreme Glazed Donuts

copycat-recipes-2 Full recipe here.

3. Homemade McDonald’s Egg White Delight

copycat-recipes-3 Full recipe here.

4. Homemade McDonald’s Fruit & Maple Oatmeal

copycat-recipes-4 Full recipe here.

5. Homemade Burger King French Toast Sticks

copycat-recipes-5 Full recipe here.


6. Homemade McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets

copycat-recipes-6 Full recipe here.

Buzzfeed – 23 Copycat Recipes (Fast Foods)

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