21 Simple & Delicious One-Pot Pastas


Pasta is so good and has so many great variations. What makes the difference between a good pasta dish and a bad one is the sauce you use. There are different kinds of sauces, but the most popular ones are the red sauce, based on tomato and the white sauce based on sour cream. If pasta is your favorite meal, but you have troubles with inventing new recipe, here are 21 cool one pot pasta ideas. The ingredients are very simple and accessible for everyone and the pasta will be ready in no time, as they will be ready in no more than 30 minutes. Simply take a large pot and add all the ingredients there, such as spinach and artichoke or the enchilada pasta. But you will also find lots of vegan recipes in the list. As a finishing touch add some parmesan cheese, olives or basil and you will enjoy a delicious and quick meal.

21 Simple One-Pot Pastas – BuzzFeed

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