21 Quick and Simple Life Hacks That Are Absolutely Genius


There are some ideas that are so simple and obvious that you wonder why haven’t you ever thought about them before? Most of these ideas can help you make your life easier or save a lot of money by solving some problems at home, without having to ask for a specialist’s help. Today we present you 21 quick life hacks, that will make everyday living more easy. For example, next time you feel your shoes are uncomfortable or too small for your feet, try to put on a pair of socks then insert your feet in the shoes. Use a hair dryer to blow hot air on them and your shoes will loosen up. Having troubles with wrinkled shirts, but you don’t have a clothes iron? Just throw the shirt in the dryer for 5 minutes and add some ice cubes too. The wrinkles will magically disappear. For more awesome tips and tricks, just take a look at the following and learn more about great life hacks that everyone should know.

21 Quick and Simple Life Hacks by DIY All Things

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