20 Awesome Kid-Friendly Drawings Made With Numbers As A Base!


Drawing or simply doodling can be very fun, but if you have kids you should spice things up a bit for them. For instance, you can teach them the numbers and even the alphabet, just by incorporating these into their drawings. If you don’t have any clues how to do this, then the images below will prove to be very helpful. As you can see, you can start by writing some numbers or letters and then turn them into cute drawings of animals. So first comes the instructive part and then the fun times. Just grab a pen and some paper, print out the ideas below and start the drawing lessons. You kids are going to have a lot of fun and also learn some cool and useful things in the process.

#1 Ship with number 1. Drawing-with-Numbers-1

#2 Crane Bird with number 2. Drawing-with-Numbers_2


#3 Bird with Number 2. Drawing-with-Numbers-2

#4 Rabbit with number 3. Drawing-with-Numbers-3

#5 Flying bird with number 4. Drawing-with-Numbers-4

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