20 Alternative Uses For Coca-Cola


We all know Coca-Cola as the drink that we yearn on those hot summer days. Even though it makes us thirstier (due to its high sugar content) after we have some, the drink seems to hypnotize many of us. Kids are more and more addicted to this stuff and parents are alarmed because of the negative effects it might have on a balanced diet. Luckily, there are plenty of other uses around the household for a bottle of Coca-Cola.

1. Clean Your Toilet With Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola--alternative-uses After an hour of pouring the liquid into the toilet bowl, take the scrub and brush a little. Flushing will result in a sparkling toilet and a can of Cola put to good use..

2. Remove Tough, Greasy Stains From Clothing With Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola-alternative-uses-1 It’s already quite popular that stains can be easily removed with a little help of the carbon and phosphor acid of the carbonated soft drink. Pour it into the washing machine and watch `the magic` happen.

3. Remove gum stuck in your hair

Coca-Cola-alternative-uses-3 A situation most likely to happen early or later is getting gum stuck in your hair. This is where Cola comes in handy once more. Wash a little on the affected part of your hair and it will make the process of getting it out a lot easier. No scissors required!

4. Rust Removal

Coca-Cola-alternative-uses-4 Some even compare this drink to some sort of a super-hero, because it can even fight rust away off metal tools. And with not much effort in the process. Learn exactly how to do this–> here

5. Farming Pesticide


Definitely cheaper than any other industrial pesticides, it is commonly found (especially in India) that the fizzy drink acts efficiently against pests. So farmers are using it on their fields. Pretty smart actually!

6. Coke Bug Deflector


Those pesky bugs are giving you a hard time during your picnic? Make any experience outdoor more bug-free by pouring a Coke in a plastic cup, strategically positioned at a distance from you and notice how the bugs will be busy from now on with the drink.

7. Put off Skunk Odor


Worried about getting rid of that skunk odor? While taking a shower, pour some extra Coca-Cola on the area which you got sprayed on and scrub real good afterward. Another thanks to the benefits of Coke.

8. Garden Fertilizer

It is said that pouring a can of the soft drink into the compost bin once a week will ensure that microorganisms can flourish. Other uses for Coke in the garden were proven effective, why shouldn’t this one be the same?

9. A Fun Fountain


If there aren’t any fun things to do around, how about turning a 2L diet Coke bottle into a nice fountain. You achieve this impressive result by inserting Mentos inside and waiting for the chemistry to work. Take a step back and watch the show!

10. Coin Shiner


Even if Coca-Cola can easily put a shine on your coins, it’s still be among the top preferences in soft drinks worldwide. That’s something to intrigue you!

11. Curling Hair

If you are trying to get a new hairdo, Coke can be of help! Pouring some of this liquid on your hair will make it curl in a stylish way. Just make sure you rinse to not attract all of the flies and bugs to a sticky hair.

12. Smoothen Skin

Who knew Cola can replace a beautician? A tablespoon of it mixed with the moisturizer cream will allow you to have smooth skin and give it a nice glow as well.

13. Remove Paint

A Coke-soaked towel rubbed on the furniture which might be stained with some paint will prove a lot of help. A quick soap-wash later on is although necessary, in order to remove the sticky side-effect that the drink had.

14. Soda Window Cleaner

The scientific principle behind the efficiency of Coca-Cola at cleaning windows is centered around the citric acid present in the soda drink. Use it just like any other window cleaner and wipe afterward with a rug.  Another good alternative purpose for a coke.

15. Fade color from your hair

When you happen to apply a bit more darker shades of color onto your hair, don’t worry about having to pay a visit to the stylist. A little Coca-Cola applied on the hair will result in a faded color, so you have no reason to panic and spend any money on the fix.

16. Neutralize Pain

Coca-Cola seems to be your friend when dealing with pests, because an amount of this drink poured on the sting of a bee, a bug or a jellyfish will soon take care of the pain for you. Until you get proper medication, that is.

17. Washing Dishes

Let your darkened pots or dishes soak in for a few minutes together with some Coca-Cola and see how the grim will easily come off. Just some scrubbing required from your part and your dishes as good as new.

18. Defrost Windshields

Having problems with that ice blocking your windshields? Not anymore, thanks to a simple bottle of Coke. The ice will start to come off after you’ve let the drink do its work on it for a couple of minutes. And with no scrubbing or rubbing on your part.

19. Rusty Bolt Removal


Even if it seems unbelievable Coca Cola is rust buster. Soak your rusted object in the coke and keep it in the same situation a couple hours. You will easily remove rust.

20. Clean a Ring with Coke

If all the examples shown here seem like child’s play, how about cleaning putrefied battery with it? Just pour a bit of Coca-Cola on the car’s corroded battery and you can continue your road.

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