17 Functional Foods To Keep You Healthy

Health is probably the most important thing in the world. Arguably, money can buy you health, but you can’t have the chance to earn money if you don’t have your health. People resort to all sorts of diets and other such tricks in order to help them have a much healthier lifestyle. But less known to many, there are some types of food that help you have a healthy life. The range of benefits span from reducing chances of getting a heart attack or other diseases, to avoiding cancer as well as other more often illnesses. We talk about the `functional foods` that will help you double the medicinal value of the meal you usually have.

1. Natural antioxidants are plentiful in Parsley. Very useful in your future recipes, especially if you want to easily preserve the health of your cells.

2. Apples will give you 90 calories worth of energy, but make sure you don’t peel off the skin because there lies almost all of its fiber content.

3. Another source of natural and powerful antioxidants is to be found in Blackberries. Their high content of anthocyanins are proven to improve your capacity to absorb pieces of new information.


4. Garlic is known for ages to be good for your health. It will help you regulate your blood pressure, loosening blood vessels and generally improving your cardiovascular system.

5. A source of plenty of vitamins (A, C, K) and a lot of minerals (iron, calcium, magnesium etc.) is the common Basil. Consuming this will give a boost in the body’s struggle to prevent cell damage.

6. A bit of Cinnamon in your diet will add to lowering levels of blood sugar. Also, consuming this type of food will effectively slow down the emptying of your stomach, having a direct reducing effect on the rise in glucose after you eat.

7. If you’re having issues with decaying teeth, digestive problems and blood circulation, then Black Tea should be your close friend. Theaflavins from its content will come in handy in the situations mentioned above.

8. Blueberries are proven to reduce the level of stress, this disease affecting millions nowadays. Including this food in your meals or desserts will prove a bonus to your health battles with anxiety and bad digestion.

9. We all know since we’re little that Broccoli is good for us, but not exactly sure how it does so. The polyphenols in it will regulate blood pressure and hormones. It is said Broccoli can fight birth defects, heart disease and diabetes.

10. Flavanols from Dark Chocolate will increase insulin sensitivity and help you lower blood pressure. Now that’s a perfectly good excuse to eat a bar of chocolate a day!

11. A bunch of Oranges in your meals will keep you bones healthy, your teeth strong and your kidneys efficient. That’s a lot coming from a fiber-full fruit.

12. If you’re looking to boost your immune system, choose the nutrient dense Red Onions for cooking up something delicious. Hard not to mention the high levels of quercatin in them which will fight cancer.

13. Spinach will prove helpful in increasing the health of bones and the protection of skin. It’s a good sidekick for making digestion work properly.

14. The fruit from which your liver can benefit are Plums. Their vitamin A, K, potassium, fiber and selenium content will improve the health of your body.

15. A powerful diuretic are proven to be Peaches. They also are said to improve immunity and help your skin look young again.

16. For anti-aging and losing weight, Strawberries can be of assistance. Some in your diet will reduce inflammation and help your eyes feel healthier.

17. Coffee is the ultimate immune system booster, and a good helper in preventing strokes. If you find yourself in a condition of muscle pains, a cup of coffee will prove great.

Drinks, spices, fruits and vegetables compose this nice category of healthy food. Using them in your diet can be of great assistance in building up and maintaining a healthy body. So make sure you improve your lifestyle right away!

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