17 Awesome Aluminum Foil Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

There are voices who say aluminum foil is the greatest invention to have hit the household in the 20th century. These voices often come from the headquarters of the manufacturers’ of aluminum foil. But all joking aside, this particular type of foil has so many uses that people don’t actually know. This lack of knowledge is why sometimes aluminum foil is disregarded as just an ordinary material, when actually it is a great and awesome tool to use in aiding you in a lot of DIY projects and regular activities. Here are 17 of these hacks.


1.Remove static from clothes with a couple of aluminum foil balls inserted into the dryer. aluminum-foil-1

2.In combination with salt, baking soda and boiling water, aluminum foil can be easily used to cleaning tarnished silver pieces.

3.One use most commonly overlooked when painting stuff throughout the house is wrapping aluminum foil in them. A door handle is a great example of the useful flexibility the foil allows you access to.

4.Did anyone know that a ripped piece of foil rubbed on metal and then rinsed with water will remove rust? Well, try it for yourselves.

5.If you wondered how do those machines from the supermarket manage to seal your plastic bags in an instant, try this nifty trick: place some aluminum foil over the opening of your plastic bag and iron it.

6.There is a reason why people use foil on baking sheets when cooking grease recipes. After the sheet has cooled, remove the foil carefully to not wrip it and dispose in an instant without any dripping whatsoever.

7.If you lack an AA type of battery for a device in your home, just use AAA ones and aluminum foil tucked at the end to fill-up the space.

8.Make sure your grill remains chemical-free by scraping the char off it with a ball of aluminum. aluminum-foil-8

9.Keep your hair curled for longer periods by using the flat iron on an aluminum foil covered strands of hair. aluminum-foil-9

10.In the kitchen department, keep bananas from browning that easily with some foil wrapped around the stems. aluminum-foil-10

11.Protect pie crust around the outside of the pie in order to prevent it from burning while you bake it. aluminum-foil-11

12.Aluminum has also proved useful when scrubbing off baked-on messes. This method will help you have clean pans and pots, although non-stick models are not friendly to this trick. aluminum-foil-12

13.Need a sharp pair of scissors? Cutting into some aluminum foil will result in exactly that.  aluminum-foil-13

14.Making sure the decor in your home looks nice, some furniture movement might be necessary. Sliding a little piece of aluminum foil under the corners will make the process much easier. aluminum-foil-14

15.Ironing your clothes will be faster if you place a long piece of aluminum foil under the cover of the ironing board. This is possible due to the heat absorbing proprieties of the foil. aluminum-foil-15

16.A freshly reheated pizza will taste almost as good as freshly baked one, if you do this in an aluminum foil domed pan. aluminum-foil-16

17.When you don’t have a funnel at your disposal, but luckily you do have some aluminum foil, no need to stress. Roll the foil into a useful funnel in a couple of minutes. aluminum-foil-17

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    Very good Website!!!

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    Very helpful & educative

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    This site is one of the few good things about social media,this saves so much unnecessary products and money for people who have limited time for chores and tasks!
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    Great tips! I know some people are going to be upset by this but..watch the spelling please.

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