15 Secrets to Dutch Oven Cooking


Many people aren’t accustomed to Dutch ovens, but cast iron skillets and pans can bring a great deal of familiarity. With this in mind, take a look over the next 15 secrets to Dutch oven cooking. It’s not something very intricate and if you love doing stuff outdoors, in nature, the method will soon become your favorite. For a camping trip, usually involving one or two Dutch ovens you will also need: charcoal chimney starter and charcoal briquettes, a straw broom, a muffin tin (to put the lid on), a lid lifter, high heat resistant gloves and optional lighter fluid. Read more about the tricks you need to resort to, from when to get the charcoal started to when the food is ready.


DUTCH OVENS AND PREPARATION (Images and text by Lindsey Johnson.)

As with anything, cooking with Dutch ovens does require a some planning and preparation. Secret #1: You should buy a Dutch oven a little before you plan on using it to make sure you have time to properly season it. A well-seasoned Dutch oven makes for happier cooking and cleaning up. Seasoning means that it’s been rubbed with oil or vegetable shortening and baked in an oven for a few hours to develop a nice, black coating on the surface of the entire Dutch oven. It will become further seasoned as you use it, eventually becoming nonstick…Read more in the link below…

15 Secrets to Dutch Oven Cooking – Design Mom

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