15 Of The Best Crazy Hair Day

If you think you’re hair day is crazy, wait until you get a look at these kids. Their hair styles are quite extraordinary, even for silly kids. The extent to which they used their hair in order to express something is impressive. In the photos featured here, these pupils are participating in Crazy Hair Day at their school. Do you wonder what that is? It’s simply a day in which kids can come with the wackiest hair style and be rewarded for their creativity. The designs are limited by their imagination. Hair gel, hair dye and supplies or toys are all put to good use in creating the most awesome of hairs. Check out what they have come up with and compare them with your crazy hair style.



crazy-hair-day-styles-1 source

#2 crazy-hair-day-styles-2







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4 Responses to "15 Of The Best Crazy Hair Day"

  1. Christine Howard says:

    You have to do something about this grave mistake.
    Please don’t make decisions that will impact and is impacting the world and our beautiful country.

  2. Morgane watt says:

    YOUR hair day, not YOU’RE hair day. Come on!

  3. Don K. says:

    Awesome stuff. I especially like the cupcake girls and the surfer boys

  4. Marvin says:

    I like these crazy and creative ideas!

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