15 Non-Candy Halloween Snack Ideas


At a Halloween party it is always good to have some consistent food too, besides all the candies and sweets. Of course, the non-candy food should also be decorated in a Halloween-ish style and there are lots of creative ideas for this. Below you will find a selection of awesome non-candy party food that all have in common some creative decorations. One of our favorites is the mummy bread and it is so easy to make. Just add ketchup to a piece of bread and use cheese to create the mummy. Then add 2 slices of olives to make the eyes. Another cool party food idea are the spider eggs for which you will need only some slices of olives. Arrange the olives on top of the eggs so they look like small spiders. Very spooky, but so so delicious. Take a look at the pictures to find some more unique Halloween food decorations and try the ones you like the most.








Apple-Monster Olive-Snake Pizza-Fingers Spider-Cheese-Balls Spider-Crackers Spider-Web-Pizza Spooky-Fruit-Spider-Snack Stuffed-Jacko-Lantern-Peppers

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