15 Healthy Foods You Have To Try


There are certain foods everyone should try at least once in their life. This option might be too extreme for some, maybe too spicy or just too exotic to take a bite from, so you are left with the next best thing: healthy foods! The collection we suggest  you take a look over has 15 dishes you will likely include in your daily diet. Even if you don’t like the entire list, at least half of it will look delicious enough for you to try.

1. A crunchy toast mixed with mashed avocado

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Maybe adding an egg or feta cheese on top of the whole thing will make your taste buds go mad with joy! …

2. Hot oatmeal with nuts and dried peaches

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Say goodbye to cold winter mornings as this simple dish will warm you with tastefulness for the entire day.

3. Fresh vegetables mixed salad

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The perfect mix will include cucumber, tomatoes, cabbage, beans, nuts and a homemade dressing, like Dijon vinaigrette.

4. Nutritious Vegetables Soup Flavored with Parmesan and Pancetta

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You can change the the meat protein with chicken or beans, either way it will taste great!

5. A tray of roasted chopped vegetables

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With only half an hour of roasting on a baking sheet and tossed will kosher salt and olive oil, this can easily become your top choice for favorite dish.

6. Lean meats or tofu with sauté vegetables and brown rice

15-healthy-foods-you-have-to-try-6 source

A quick recipe for a healthy meal, just add a sauce of your choice over them and enjoy.

7. Chilli made with beans and chicken or turkey

15-healthy-foods-you-have-to-try-7 source

An alternative to the classic chilli recipe will prove so tasteful.

8. A hot veggie Frittata with goat cheese

15-healthy-foods-you-have-to-try-8 source

The taste of mushrooms and herbs will make you want a dish of this Frittata for almost every breakfast.

9.  Whole-wheat pasta with vegetables

15-healthy-foods-you-have-to-try-9 source

Filled with nutrients and fiber, this recipe will give you the amount of healthy food you require and need during lunch.

10. Grilled Chicken in caramelized onion sauce

15-healthy-foods-you-have-to-try-10 source

If you thought a dish involving chicken isn’t a healthy one, think again! This delicious mix with onion will make you lick your fingers for minutes.




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