13 Tips For Surviving A Night In A Cabin In The Woods

6) Dress to repress.

You need to dress as conservatively as possible. I’m not talking suits or formal dresses, I mean cover as much of your flesh as possible. There should be nothing bare besides your hands and heads. No décolletage, no legs, hell, no ankles should be visible. I don’t care if it’s summer and 110 degrees outside, you must keep covered. Believe me, dying of heat stroke is a much kinder potential fate than the alternative.

7) Ignore the beds.

It doesn’t matter how many rooms the cabin has; tonight everyone’s sleeping together. Set up your sleeping bags or whatever in the cabin’s largest room, preferably in a circle allowing you all to face each other and past each other to all entrances to the room. The idea is to be able to see a threat coming from all directions simultaneously, while also keeping your fellow campers in sight.

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