13 Tips For Surviving A Night In A Cabin In The Woods

If you like to go on adventures, especially in the middle of nature, you will definitely enjoy the following tips. To make things even more exciting, you might not even pack a tent and thus take the risk of spending a night in an abandoned cabin. If you want to enjoy the time spent there and not regret that decision, make sure you read the following piece of advice. There are some tips you might want to follow in this scenario. Not some complex techniques, but simple stuff like leaving the group of people you are in for any reason, sleeping in shifts, and not leaving the cabin under any circumstance. These tips are written by Rob Bricken.


1) Come prepared.

Even spending a single night in a cabin in the woods requires a great amount of supplies. Besides food and bottled water — no booze, obviously, but more on that below — you’re going to need as many sources of light as you can pack into your car: flashlights, lanterns, floodlights, tiki torches, etc. because the forces of darkness will destroy or steal anything you bring at least once. This includes automobile supplies, so bring an extra set of car keys, a car battery, a distributor cap, whatever. Do not, however, bring an extra tank of gas, and that’s for the same reason you shouldn’t bring any weapons — they will only be used against you. Bringing, say, a big bowie knife to protect yourself with is tantamount to walking up to the supernatural murderer who haunts the woods and handing it to him. Conventional weapons aren’t going to do a damn thing against the forces of evil anyways. Also, you need to bring a large bucket. You’ll see.

2) Do not insult anyone on your way to the cabin.

On your way to your destination, you may stop at a gas station or convenience store. It is incredibly important that you are courteous to every human being you meet on the way. The weirder they are, the grosser they are, the nicer you must be. IF they make lewd or outright threatening comments, respond with polite obliviousness as if you have no idea what they’re talking about. If you see a crone with only one eye, ask if you can help them cross the street or something.

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