12 DIY Ideas For A More Organized Laundry Room


In the following DailyIdeas show you 12 DIY ideas for a more organized laundry room sent to us by our readers. As usual, more details about the each project, you can learn by clicking on the link below of the pictures. Enjoy, and we hope it will be useful for your next project.

1. Make a hanger to reunite lost socks

Organized-Laundry-Room-10 source

2. DIY Laundry Basket Dresser

Organized-Laundry-Room-12 more details here…

3. Build a shelf to store laundry under your machines

Organized-Laundry-Room-1 more details here…

4. Laundry room drying rack

Organized-Laundry-Room-2 more details here…

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