11 Budget Friendly Hacks To Stop Wasting Your Food


Wasting food seems like a cool and not noteworthy thing to do until that day comes when you don’t have anything to eat and wished you didn’t throw away that browned banana so quickly. If you want to stop this sort of nasty and annoying things to happen, there are solutions for you to make. Choosing such tips to stop wasting food, you will find yourself in a much better attitude and will notice an improvement in your lifestyle. The few ideas we found are friendly to your budget and will stop you from spending more money on stuff you already could save from throwing away prematurely.

1. Chocolate jars, like Nutella, have almost always a bit of chocolate left on the bottom which you can’t get out with a spoon. Instead of throwing it away, pour milk, stir and enjoy a tasty drink.


2. We recommend you transform the bit of mayo left in the jar into a tasty and highly useful salad dressing. All you have to do is combine it with fresh herbs, some olive oil and spice, and shake it hard afterward.

2-salad-dressing via food52

3. Don’t throw bananas away anymore, but reuse them wisely. Overripe bananas are going to make a perfect material for a piece of delicious banana bread.

3-banana-bread via may squared

4. Also, you can freeze herbs over the winter with olive oil to make them stay `fresh` over the season.

4-fresh-herbs-in-olive-oil via: GoodsHomeDesign

5. Peanut butter can be enjoyed a whole lot more if your remember to store it upside down. This way, the oil line will be positioned at the bottom and so you won’t lose any bit of peanut butter whatsoever.

5-all-natural-nut-butters via What We’re Having

6. Honey or maple syrup are delicious ingredients but will prove a real hassle, making everything sticky on the kitchen table when you prepare a dessert. To avoid this, use oil coated measuring cups before pouring the stuff in.

6-Coat-measuring-cups-with-oil via The Chef Within

7. Stale and hardened bread hasn’t got its place in the garbage bin, but in your kitchen. As the form of croutons! This is how restaurants do it, so use this method with trust.

7-Make-croutons-out-of-stale-bread via Savory Sweet Life

8. Vinegar can be a handy little helper in the kitchen. Not only in salads but also in making berries not mold. Rinsing some with vinegar will not change the taste but will avoid molding.

8-Rinse-berries via Pin Me Pin Me Not

9. The potato can be quite a picky vegetable. First, we advise you don’t store it next to onions. Second, if you want it to not sprout much early, place potatoes with an apple.

9-onions-and-potatoes via Baking Through Martha Stewart’s Handbook

10. Even if may come as a surprise, pantyhose are a great medium for storing onions. That’s if you want them to last for many months.

10-onions-in-pantyhose via Thrify DIY Diva

11. Bananas will stay yellow longer if you put some plastic wrap around them.


The tips we suggest you will not only help you safe a lot of your food, but also give a nice advice to making new foods from the ones you would otherwise just throw away. Be sure you see all the tips and use them wisely in the future!

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2 Responses to "11 Budget Friendly Hacks To Stop Wasting Your Food"

  1. robin barnett says:

    freeze your bananas with a bit of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg and a spoonful of brown sugar, peel banana and put it in a freezer bag the more spotty the better, put in spices zip locked getting as much air out, then smash until mushy, put in freezer until you want to make banana bread. if you like raisins in your banana bread toss them in also, they plump up and absorb flavors,

  2. robin barnett says:

    saute’ your onions in a bit of olive oil, and add celery, carrots anything you like, a dash of beef or chicken paste bullion and freeze , toss frozen in the crock pot when you began to cook a meal and the meat or chicken will cook in the sautéed flavorful mix which thaws quickly.

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