10 No-Mess Parenting Hacks That Are Sheer Genius

Being a parent nowadays is harder than let’s say your parents’ generation, with technology and lots of other worries you have to take into consideration. A few pieces of advice from time to time can prove a lot of help. This next list of parenting hacks will definitely make going through some experiences a whole lot easier. Take for example something simple like eating a burrito: a chip clip or a mason jar will keep it from falling apart. Also, making painting sessions a lot cleaner can be achieved with just an empty egg carton. Browse through the following list, there are plenty of tips and tricks, useful for every occasion, even vacations when you should organize your kids’ outfits for each day in a plastic bag. Find out more hacks and make life as a parent easier right now!

1. Place Press’n Seal wrap over your kid’s shirt before they make a messy craft so their clothes don’t get dirty.

Via Raddest Mom

2. Use an empty egg carton to make your kid’s painting sessions a whole lot less messy.

Via Mom Dot.

3. Use a spill-proof mason jar to prevent messes at snack time.

more details here…

4. Tape your kid’s bubble wand to a pole or wall for a spill-proof bubble station.

5. Hot-glue the holes in the bottom of bath toys so mold doesn’t form.


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