10+ Epic Design Fails That You Will Find Hard To Believe Actually Happened

Being a designer is not always the easiest of jobs. Dealing with difficult clients can take a toll on you and the result of your work. But what about those times when you had a simple job to do and couldn’t do even that! Curiously enough, there are plenty of examples of such fails. More than once, they are both crappy and funny at the same time. From an off-shoot bathroom sink to a 4-legged toy duck, there are many ways a designer can go wrong. Misspelling text, setting up a weird clothing display and even not knowing geography can represent a source for fails. Find out more of these funny examples below… What do you think?

#1. Not For Navigational Purposes

#2 Made By Professionals

#3. Urban Planning

#4. So Secure

#5. My Four-Legged Duck

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