10 Easy Hacks That Could Save Your Babies Life


The dangers around a young kid or especially a baby are far more present than in an adult day-to-day life. Of course you need to be on guard for dirty things, providing clean pacifiers and diapers and keeping an eye on every sharp corner. But some of these dangers can be dimmed down if you know a few tricks. This collection of hacks might not literally save your baby’s life but they will surely make it easier for them to not hurt themselves that easy. It goes from something simple as bathing in a laundry basket (so there’s nothing to slip on) or putting cheap pool noodles on doors (to prevent kids from getting locked inside or outside) to more creative ideas like keeping insects away from the playpen with the help of a crib sheet placed over it or making slip-proof shoes via some hot glue on the soles.


But there are also some tricks that make your job of cleaning after them a whole lot easy, like keeping chalk in deodorant containers or using the Keep-It-Kleen pacifiers which close when they’re dropped. Check out all of the collection provided and feel free to share the news with your friends.

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