10 Creative DIY Lamps For Your Home


Improving the look of your home is not an easy task. People usually spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on some redesign projects. Fortunately, there are some projects you can do by your own with a help from your friend, DIY projects that don’t cost a lot and are also simple to implement. You have featured below 10 ideas of creative DIY Lamps. There are not difficult to assemble or build and any of them will definitely improve the look of your room, beautifying the interior design with something really creative.

1. Classy Hat Lamps

10 Creative DIY Lamps 1


2. Really Awesome Ball Chandelier

10 Creative DIY Lamps 2


3. Impressive Chandelier Out Of PET Bottles

10 Creative DIY Lamps 3


4. Creative Coca-Cola Can Handmade Lamp

10 Creative DIY Lamps 4


5. DIY Can Caps Lamp

10 Creative DIY Lamps 5

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