8 Clever Fashion Hacks For Everyday Life

Being fashionable isn’t about having money, it is about knowing a bunch of things. And a few clever fashion hacks will definitely help a lot! That is why this next piece of advice will definitely help. A list of 8 tricks will be handy in a lot of situations when you need fashion to be on your side. Examples like removing odors or stains are often an issue for lots of people. Read the collection provided here. You will find out how to easily tuck in non-skinny jeans, break in tight shoes. It is good to also know, in case of emergency, how to conceal a bra strap with a paper clip. And if any or every tip from the list helps you, remember to share it with your friends.

1.How to: Stretch Your Shoes with Ice… This is a simple and affordable way to stretch your shoes up a half, or a full size!


You will need 2 plastic sandwich baggies. Fill the sandwich baggie, about one quarter full, with water. Place the baggies in each shoe, making sure the water in the baggie reaches the front of the toe and the sides of the shoe. Put your water-filled shoe in the freezer, and wait until the water freezes. After the water is frozen, remove the shoes from the freezer and let them thaw for a good twenty minutes.Try on your new and improve shoes! They should feel snug and comfortable.

2. One minute video tip on an innovative new way to clean your jeans.


Got a pair of jeans that you absolutely love? Washing your jeans over and over can cause them to shrink and fade. An alternative is to place your jeans in the freezer.

3. Remove oil stains with baby powder


All you have to do is sprinkle a sufficient amount of the powder on to the stain and wait for the powder to soak up the oil. Once the stain reaches the surface of the fabric, it’s much easier to remove.

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