Super Fast Trick Will Defrost Your Windshield INSTANTLY


Winter is not only difficult on our wardrobe. Cars suffer a great deal also! From the engine failures to the frosted windshields, car owners and drivers worldwide (well, at least those in the Northern hemisphere) have to face these issues if they ever want to use them in the following months. For the windshields, the solution is simple and it is a homemade one! The trick involves using alcohol and water in a combination that will easily get rid of the frost. Check out the video provided below and watch how it all unfolds. Prepare the same solution for your car and use it in times of need!

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2 Responses to "Super Fast Trick Will Defrost Your Windshield INSTANTLY"

  1. darrin says:

    , now since you did it inside a garage with the windshield just “frosted up” (not iced up) as you say it was, clearly it was not. do your trick outside when there is actual ice on winshield and with it bein 32 degrees or lower outside versus inside a warm garage. do that an post a video of how goos it actually is.

  2. Melanie says:

    I agree with the above comment. Try that on a windshield with real ice, not just frost. And do it outside in 32 or below temps. tried this . Doesn’t work!

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