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The Tesla Model 3 has the most minimalistic interior I’ve ever seen

The cars produced by Tesla have always attracted attention and sympathy from people. But with its newest model, the company has really outdone itself. The Model 3 has been billed as a groundbreaking car and with the minimalistic interior it features it surely lives up to its fame. The dashboard is simply unbelievable! All the information ...

Horseradish: The 1800s Sinus Remedy That Still Works Today

Headaches caused by sinuses can really be of annoyance. When confronted with this kind of issue, people resort to drug tablets, aspirin or ibuprofen. Sure, in a world where productivity is valued, there is no time to deal with a headache, so when a problem like this occurs, regardless of its source, the first reflex is to take some ...

How to make a bag out of an old t-shirt

DIY – Bag from old t-shirt. Recycle old cloths. Easy step-by-step Tutorial. All you will need are the following materials: a sewing machine, a marker, ruler, a pair of scissors, thread and -of course- used t-shirts. Check out the instructions on the video below and you won’t regret you’ve tried this DIY project.

Everything you need to know about canning in an infographic!

Fruit and vegetables are at their finest this time of year. Your garden may  be producing more thsn you can eat, or just can’t resist the heirloom tomatoes at the market. Enter canning, the at-home way to save many of your favorite surplus fruits and vegetables for the cooler months.

Charming Natural Genuine Driftwood Shelves

These unique, attractive, wall shelves have been designed with form and function in mind. The rustic driftwood-inspired feel of these shelves is all handmade, with the utmost care given for a quality- finished product. These pieces are all hand collected from the local beach and lightly sanded to remove most barnacles but may still ...
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