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Eco-Friendly Tote Bag

Learn how to sew your own unique and eco-friendly shopping bags!  Protecting Nature is somewhat of a normal thing during our times. But with all of the consumer culture around us, it is difficult to really appreciate the stuff done with care and a real concern for the safety of the environment. An eco-friendly tote bag is a perfect ...

Old Ladies Kids Wig Halloween Costume

Love, love, love!!!! These adorable hats are awesome as a photo prop or can be worn just for fun. They make a great gift and an even better Halloween costume!!! What do you think? This is the best thing I’ve ever bought. Check the price in the link below…

DIY Pencil Holder

A decorative jar make wonderful teacher appreciation gift, party favors, or table decorations for a variety of occasions and events. Easy to assembly, they are also a great way to repurpose and recycle old jars!

Funny Baby Pacifier

Billy-Bob pacifiers are funny, yet real working and safe pacifiers. For a comedian at heart these pacifiers bring your baby extra attention and many laughs. Features

Spider Earrings

One large spider single earring. Dangles with one leg piercing your ear. She´s hypoallergenic since her legs are made of titanium. Might be the coolest or creepiest earring ever, guaranteed to make heads turn. Will look good guarding your jewelers box to. This is available in the link below…
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