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Cute Little Baby Duck Costume

This brilliantly colored fuzzy little duck costume is simply gorgeous and will have your little one stealing the prize at any costume contest, grab your camera, because it’s the perfect costume for baby’s first Halloween photo or trick or treating. This is available here….

Adorable Little Piggy Costume

This little piggy is the one that got all the attention! the one-piece body and separate hood are made with light pink chenille. The hood and ears are lined with a light pink plush that is also used on the nose and tail. And, to complete the look of this adorable costume, we included a black satin bow, black plastic eyes, and black ...

How To Make Cute Corner Bookmarks

Every person that loves to read requires a cute customized corner bookmark. It will put a smile on your face every time you feel tired. It’s also a good way to make children become interested in reading. For this, you can make a cute corner bookmark; get the kids to chip in the DIY project, they’ll have plenty of fun. In ...

Head in a Jar

This next DIY project will be perfect for the upcoming Halloween! And it’s so easy to make that even kids can get involved into the entire process. Like you see in the pictures, the Head in a Jar project will be as scary as it can get! So before you set up the prank, make sure no one that will interact with it could get health ...

Women Chic 3D Cute Cat Stud Earrings

Let us help you find the perfect gift for her. These cute 3D CAT EARRINGS are perfect for a gift. Learn more details in the link below….
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