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What NOT to Feed Chickens: 7 Things to Avoid

Chickens are wonderful at cleaning up kitchen scraps, but there are a few things that may make your flock sick. WHAT NOT TO FEED CHICKENS: 7 THINGS TO AVOID:

Amish Man Sent to Prison for 6 Year Sentence, Because of FDA Labeling Infraction

Federal Overreach: Amish Man Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison for Improper FDA Labeling Making money by selling your off-grid homemade products apparently can land you in prison. Need another example of extreme federal overreach? An Amish farmer in Kentucky got into trouble with the federal government for his herbal remedies. He was ...

Beach glass panels with white starfish

Mostly blues and clear beach glass with white star fish .These panels are vertical . I know you have just the spot for them. This is so beautiful. What do you think? Check out this handmade item in the link below…

Your Great-Great Grandparents Didn’t Sleep Like You

Why our ancestors didn’t sleep like us. How you can sleep better, especially if you live off the grid. Perhaps the most common situation when we experience serious disruption in our sleep patterns is when flying large distances. The popular jet lag is punishing the sleep cycle we are accustomed to. But even the style of sleep we ...

All Natural DIY Fly Spray

If you don’t want to use harsh chemicals on your animals here’s a useful idea using a non-toxic alternative. The downside is that usually the “all-natural” choices are much more expensive. ALL NATURAL DIY FLY SPRAY (I have included links in case you want to try this recipe.)
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