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Ancient Homemade Syrup That Removes Phlegm From The Lungs and Cures Cough!

Coughing is perhaps the most annoying thing, besides blowing your nose, that the common cold will harass you with. Are you sick of taking medicines and only lowering your immune system rather than strengthening it? Luckily, there is an ancient homemade syrup which will help you remove phlegm and cure your cough. The secret lies in ...

Cute Fashion Hat For Your Pet

Here’s a cute idea for your puppy. An original and comfortable cute fashion hat for your pet with ear holes. How adorable are these!! Find these cute hats in the link below…  

The Great American Wish Book

Check out this vintage 1992 Sears Wish Book. Oh the memories!!!! This book has 830 pages and is sure to bring back the memories. You may see light marks, creases and scratches but no major issues.

15 Of The Best Crazy Hair Day

If you think you’re hair day is crazy, wait until you get a look at these kids. Their hair styles are quite extraordinary, even for silly kids. The extent to which they used their hair in order to express something is impressive. In the photos featured here, these pupils are participating in Crazy Hair Day at their school.

How I make $1,000 a month from 15 chickens!

Lisa Murano tell us how she make $ 1,000 a month from 15 chickens. Chickens can be expensive. Even if you don’t count the coop, the feed and bedding are monthly expenses that add up a lot! I decided a long time ago to have a no freeloaders policy and I make all my chickens earn their keep. I’ve tried many different ways ...
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