Owl Crochet Patterns by Tamara Nowack


Crocheting can be really fun, when you have the right tutorial and disposition. The easiest way to try new crocheting ideas is in a group, as you can gather your friends and help each other out in case one of you gets stuck along the way. These next ideas of crocheted owl dolls are so cute and will make a beautiful gift for someone who loves these small creatures. At a first look, it may seem a task for professionals, but with exercise and patience anything can be done. The great thing when crocheting a small animal shape is that you can choose the colors you’ll use and influence the outcome. This way, you can opt to make a realistic owl, using the colors brown, white and grey or a more funky owl, by using any color combination that crossed your mind. Take a look at the pictures and let them inspire you, then proceed to crocheting.

crochet-owls-1©Tamara Nowack

crochet-owls-2©Tamara Nowack

crochet-owls-3©Tamara Nowack

crochet-owls-4©Tamara Nowack

crochet-owls-5©Tamara Nowack


Owl Crochet Pattern by ©Tamara Nowack – Available here..


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