How to Build Your Own Air Conditioner Fan


With the summer heat slowly entering our lives (and homes) this year, all of us are searching for ways to keep us protected. To create a cool ambiance in your home, you not only need a good structure but also good air circulation. At the end, an air conditioner is the best choice when it comes to effectiveness/effort. And with the cleverness of the DIY community, you don’t even have to spend money on a full size air conditioner, especially if it can come at a high price. Instead, build it in your home with things at your disposal.

• a tabletop fan;
• copper tubing;
• flexible plastic tubing;
• fish tank pumps;
• cold water reservoir;


The relatively inexpensive DIY project requires a bit of technical awareness, but the great thing about it is that it can be easily implemented by anyone without a degree in this field. Begin by wrapping copper tubing around the back and front of the fan; make sure you do this in a spiral manner. Be careful to connect the copper coils to the reservoir below with some flexible plastic tubing. This way, the fan will be able to oscillate freely. Now, the pumps will circulate the water from the reservoir up through the coils giving the chilled air you are yearning. Check the images to see if you achieved the same clever result.



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