Funny Toddler Costumes


Toddlers are the cutest and when dressed up in Halloween costumes they are even more adorable. When looking for a baby costume, the task is easy: look for something cute and comfortable, as you wouldn’t want your child to sit in an uncomfortable outfit. Today, we picked the best outfit from the cutest baby outfits out there, and namely the elephant costume. It is very easy to make at home as a DIY project, as it doesn’t require much skills and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. You will need a fluffy grey baby overall and grey felt. Make the ears of the elephant out of grey and pink felt and attach them to a headband. Then apply pink felt on the front of the overall to make the elephant’s belly. To create the trunk of the elephant make either a mask, using the grey felt or cover a larger piece of sponge with the felt and sew an elastic to it. Simply place the trunk mask on your baby’s face or just hang the sponge-trunk in your baby’s neck. So cute!


Toddler Elephant Costume (<< here)





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