DIY Dual Burner Rocket Stove


A rocket stove is something that might, at first, be kind of scary. Actually, it doesn’t require any rocket science to make one of this right at home. As you can see from the DIY project we present you here, the homemade 6 Block Rocket Stove is great for making a quick outdoor lunch. The secret lies in the positioning of the blocks of concrete! Yes, we know, it’s that simple. You can say that simple design can save your day and your meal. Check out the full tutorial on how to make a rocket stove with this technique. Choose the cheap and easy way of making outdoor kitchen work in your favor. Your next events that feature a warm meal made on the spot will surely be a lot easier to manage. No stress about transferring plates filled with freshly made food from the inside to the outdoor setting. Just enjoy!









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4 Responses to "DIY Dual Burner Rocket Stove"

  1. Chuck says:

    Is there a PDF tutorial on this very super rocket stove ? Please send link as soon possible.

  2. Al Penner says:

    Super neat idea , will be doing this at the cabin

  3. Mike says:

    How did you remove the plastic form from inside the oven?

  4. Curtis Maxwell says:

    where do you get blocks without ends

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