DIY Cute Yarn Titmouse & Sparrows


Having a unique décor is something everyone strives for. People stress about what color should their furniture have or what particular type of art piece might improve their interior design. But besides all this stuff, there’s something easier that we recommend you resort to: DIY birdies. Yes, there is no typo here, we’re talking about bird-like `sculptures` made out of yarn! The handmade project you’re about to learn is so fun and quite easy that you will surprise yourself making a bunch of them to decorate your home with. Some of the resulting birdies will look so life like that visitors of will surely be tricked by them. But that’s the opportunity to brag about your DIY work and skills. Check out the tutorial and learn how to make these cute pieces of decorations.


DIY Cute Yarn Titmouse & Sparrows (tutorial)


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