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Fabulous Trolls Poppy Hat

This is fun and cute hat for your kids. This hat definitely would put a smile on any little girl or boys face and keep their head warm during the winter months! What do you think? …these are just too cute! Find them below… Perfect for a birthday gift!

A beginner’s guide to buying chickens

Thinking about getting chickens? Not sure what kind is best? We know that people who buying chickens for the first time are often understandably excited, poorly informed and thus easily duped! Here are a few facts about chickens to help you end up with the right chickens when you buy. A beginner’s guide to buying chickens. All ...

Homemade Carpet Cleaner

Cleaning products can cost a lot and many times you have to try a few until you find one that works perfectly. But if you’re in search of a good carpet cleaner, then here’s the greatest homemade cleaner ever! It will clean even the nastiest stain and leave your rugs clean and fresh. To make this cleaning solution at home, ...

Best ideas about Baby Chicks

Find and save ideas about Baby chicks on Daily Ideas.

Cuff and Bow Cut-off Tutorial

Everyone has some old clothes at home that are kept in a drawer and do nothing but gather dust. But if you’re a parent, then you probably have a lots of child’s clothes gathered somewhere. So if you remembered where you keep these, just think twice before throwing them out. Your child’s old jeans can be transformed ...
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