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DIY Baby Pillowcase Sleeping Bag

Every mom in the world is going to love this next idea: a pillowcase sleeping bag for your baby! It is a tiny sleeping bag, made out of a pillow case, so it has a zipper on the side so you can gently place the baby this cozy cocoon. The sleeping bag is also very easy to clean, as you just unzip the bottom and place it in the washing ...

Crochet Shark Socks Pattern

How about these adorable shark socks? Let this hungry shark keep your tootsies toasty warm! Your family and friends will surely smile, and be amazed, when they see your new crochet shark slipper socks. Take a look for more details in the link below..

Rainbow Mandala Waistcoat

Here’s a great idea and is so popular at the moment. Rainbow Mandala Waistcoat by Sara Huntington is a gorgeous waistcoat! The soothing process of working the colourful stitches of a mandala is amplified with this creative project. Vibrant lacy rounds radiate from a central colour wheel, resulting in a breathtaking sleeveless ...

The WorkBox: A dream storage solution, whether for crafter, hobbyist, or as a home office

This is WORDBOX. A Dream storage solution, whether for crafter, hobbyist, or as a home office. Designed for all types of crafting, the WorkBox is perfect for helping you organize so you can save time, simplify, and create!  

Crochet Owl Backpack Pattern

Here’s a cute idea. This beautiful backpack is an ideal accessory for you little one. It is big enough to pack in all kid’s favourite things and brighten up their long trip or just short walk around. This Owl backpack has adjustable shoulder straps and one functional pocket decorated with cute little buttons. It can be made ...
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