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10 No-Mess Parenting Hacks That Are Sheer Genius

Being a parent nowadays is harder than let’s say your parents’ generation, with technology and lots of other worries you have to take into consideration. A few pieces of advice from time to time can prove a lot of help. This next list of parenting hacks will definitely make going through some experiences a whole lot easier. ...

How to make a bag out of an old t-shirt

DIY – Bag from old t-shirt. Recycle old cloths. Easy step-by-step Tutorial. All you will need are the following materials: a sewing machine, a marker, ruler, a pair of scissors, thread and -of course- used t-shirts. Check out the instructions on the video below and you won’t regret you’ve tried this DIY project.

2 Oddly Satisfying Stress Relievers!

Materials: Cornstarch Click to buy Water Food coloring Click to buy Glue Click to buy Liquid starch Click to buy Thermochromic pigment Click to buy Fine sand Click to buy

Learn How To Make Symbols With Your Keyboard

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