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DIY Pencil Holder

A decorative jar make wonderful teacher appreciation gift, party favors, or table decorations for a variety of occasions and events. Easy to assembly, they are also a great way to repurpose and recycle old jars!

10 No-Mess Parenting Hacks That Are Sheer Genius

Being a parent nowadays is harder than let’s say your parents’ generation, with technology and lots of other worries you have to take into consideration. A few pieces of advice from time to time can prove a lot of help. This next list of parenting hacks will definitely make going through some experiences a whole lot easier. ...

How to make a bag out of an old t-shirt

DIY – Bag from old t-shirt. Recycle old cloths. Easy step-by-step Tutorial. All you will need are the following materials: a sewing machine, a marker, ruler, a pair of scissors, thread and -of course- used t-shirts. Check out the instructions on the video below and you won’t regret you’ve tried this DIY project.

2 Oddly Satisfying Stress Relievers!

Materials: Cornstarch Click to buy Water Food coloring Click to buy Glue Click to buy Liquid starch Click to buy Thermochromic pigment Click to buy Fine sand Click to buy
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