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Personalized Coffee Mugs

Tell the world how you really feel with this cheeky mug. If you are juggling family life, this mug is perfect for you! Find this Coffee Mug in the link below… >> Yes, I Am Still In My Pajamas – Coffee Mug <<

Hilarious Yarn Bowls

OH my goodness!!! These YARN BOWLS are so hilarious. Also, this bowl can be used as a serving bowl for chips or other dry goods, fruit bowl, candy bowl, change catcher… the list goes on and on and on. In fact, you can use this bowl for many different things. Find these bowls in the link below….

Horseshoe Angel

How about this horseshoe angel? This beautiful horseshoe angel wing cross is made from new shoes, shined and sealed. Also I found other horseshoe craft project ideas on Goodshomedesign. Learn more about this horseshoe angel in the link below…

8 Useful Math Hacks That They Didn’t Teach You In School

Math can be really hard sometimes, especially when your entire knowledge universe is bombarded by tons of information and distraction, on a daily basis. If you too are tired of being forced to struggle in math class or wish your kid doesn’t go through the same ordeal, these next tricks will certainly help. Say goodbye to cruel ...

Hear the story behind the photo that helped countless people who struggle with depression realize they’re not alone.

    Appearances can be deceiving. We usually tend to judge a book by its covers and a person by his or her clothes or looks. Since ancient times, tattoos have been used as a way of expressing something, almost like art but on your skin. According to our habits, a person with a tattoo is something we don’t usually take very serious. The next ...
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