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City builds entire community of tiny houses for homeless veterans to live in for free

Veterans have a special place in society, especially in the US where soldiers who fought abroad are glorified by every community. Strangely enough, this particular class of citizens has among the highest level of homelessness. This fact is due to the personal struggle of readjusting to life after fighting in wars. Some people in ...

Squirrel and nut rings

Here’s a cute idea. A set of three : squirrel body . tail . pine nut This set is available HERE….

Pizza Pie Sweater for 2

Here’s a little slice of the big Pizza Pie! This pattern includes instructions for the adult and the children’s size sweater, as well as the pizza and it’s toppings. An easy step by step pattern, my own design, and lots of fun to make! What do you think?

Halloween Apothecary Labels

These Halloween Apothecary Labels are so cool! Here’s an inspiring collection of different creepy bottle and jar labels for Halloween. Put them on regular bottles which you filled with creepy things. Success guaranteed! These are available in the link below. Best Halloween Gift Idea.

82-Year-Old Man Just Discovered His Lost Wedding Ring In Carrot From His Own Garden

Gardening is fun most of the times and it can also help you create memories for a lifetime. Let’s take the example of this 82-year old farmer from Germany, who lost his wedding ring three years ago while gardening. He thought he lost the precious ring forever and didn’t even imagine that he might find it one day, right ...
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