16 Genius Kitchen Tips You Probably Didn’t Know About – page 2

9. Crock Pot French Toast

09-crockpot-french-toast source

10. Use Empty Ketchup Bottles For Pancake Mix


11. Use Dental Floss For Cutting Soft Foods


12. How to Store Fresh Asparagus

12-store-asparagus source


13. Tennis Ball Jar Opener

Exif_JPEG_PICTURE source

14. Pre-soak Pasta And Cook It In About 60 Seconds

14-one-minute-pasta source

15. Peeling a whole head of garlic in just seconds

15-peel-garlic-in-seconds source

16. How to Peel an Entire Bag of Potatoes In A Few Seconds

16-super-peeling-potatoes source

17. Reusing plastic bottles as food containers


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  1. Barbara Mackie says:

    Great ideas!! Love the idea storing dry goods in recycle plastic bottles plus many other great tricks and tips. Keep them coming!

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