14 Ways You’ve Been Using Everyday Products Wrong

Life-hacks are commonly known as tricks which you use in everyday life in order to improve the way you interact with the environment and with regular things. We found 14 of these tricks which involve rather dull and day-to-day things. This sort of tricks range from simple to complex and you can easily categorize them according to the room in your home. Without any further a due, let’s start the count down.

1. Let’s start with something very simple, like the holes in a box of aluminum foil. They are placed there in order to make it easy for you to rip off the sheets and not ruin the whole roll by taking it out of the box.



2. A neat trick will show you how a plastic cup of apple sauce can be eaten without a spoon, and not get all dirty. How, you ask? Just fashion the lid into a spoon, making sure the edges are not the actual edges of the lid so you don’t cut yourself in it.



3. A very useful balancing trick is placing the peanut butter jar upside down, in order to distribute the oil evenly throughout. The butter will be much tastier this way.


4. In the bathroom department, make sure you use the right tools for their designed purposes. Like the plunger with the flat rim that works properly for sinks not toilets!


5. Not all of these tricks will come in handy in your common routine, but it is good to know them so the next time you are about to eat some Chinese food, you will be the clever one to fold out the cardboard containers into plates, the thing for which they were designed to do in the first place.


6. Place toothpaste in the size of a pea and just on the tip of the brush in order to not waste much of the paste.


7. Maybe not knowing that the toppings from the Greek yoghurt are supposed to be folded into the rest of the yoghurt not have a spoon jam into it won’t make your life worst, but it is good to know.


8. Or that each soda can has a built-in straw holder, right in the lid, isn’t the end of the world.


9. Some complex pretzel-knot tying extension cords so they won’t come apart are going to come in handy when you plan a big entertainment event or a DIY project.


10. Going back to the kitchen, here’s a nice idea: balance juice boxes or even milk cartons by folding out the sides from the top. Now you can hold them and balance the contents of the box easily.


11. People managed to pull a Toblerone piece away from the bar of chocolate instead of towards it (that’s why it has that peculiar shape) for years and nothing bad happen. But it would have been a whole lot easier if they knew. 15

12. It’s best you know that the holes in the handles of many pots are not only for hanging them easier on the wall, but also to rest the spoons you work with in them.


13. The right way to floss is holding the string in a circular way with your fingers inside. Repeat daily and your teeth will shine with health.


14. Last but not least, the plastic lid of soft drinks are made to also act like coasters; just slide the bottom of the soda cup into the 3 bumps featured on the lid. You know are protected from dirtying the table so easily.


Remember some of these advices because they will prove useful some day, and that particular moment, you will impress all of your friends!

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4 Responses to "14 Ways You’ve Been Using Everyday Products Wrong"

  1. Marie says:

    Just hope that no one has touched your “Motts” before you make a spoon with and then, put it in your mouth 🙁

  2. paul says:

    Get a life

  3. suni says:

    You really should run water over the top/lid of the motts & soda, beer & all canned products unless you really like rodent & or vermin feces. They’ve been sitting for who knows how long on what ground in what wharehouse.

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