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13 Tips For Surviving A Night In A Cabin In The Woods

If you like to go on adventures, especially in the middle of nature, you will definitely enjoy the following tips. To make things even more exciting, you might not even pack a tent and thus take the risk of spending a night in an abandoned cabin. If you want to enjoy the time spent there and not regret that decision, make sure you read the following ...

How to treat and prevent plantar fasciitis at home

Foot pain is a common problem, as more than 50% of Americans suffer from this disease. The damage that can cause a lot of trouble occurs in the plantar fascia which is a ligament that is located between your heel and the front of your foot. The most common cause for foot pain is weight gain and motion, but luckily there are some ...

DIY Captain America Shield

Captain America as one of the most loved Marvel superheroes out there. So no wonder so many kids dream about being like Captain America one day. Since Halloween is right around the corner you might consider dressing yourself and your child in a cool Captain America costume. For starters, here’s a cool tutorial that will teach you how to make your ...

Maker Card Cutter for those of you that play Guitar

Here’s a great product for those of you that play Guitar. The pick maker is characterized by the advanced front load design, sturdy construction and stainless steel blade, which can create uniform and smooth picks. The days that guitar picks can not be found are long gone. This pick maker can make a great stocking stuff anytime ...

Adorable Baby Squirrel Costume

This adorable baby squirrel costume is simply gorgeous and will have your little one stealing the prize at any costume contest, grab your camera, because it’s the perfect costume for baby’s first Halloween photo or trick or treating. This is available here…. Do not forget to watch the video below…
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